Saturday, September 25, 2010

What an adventure

"It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves - in finding themselves." Andre Gide
Today, two of my girlfriends and I had a girls day out: to the mall or the spa...Nah... we went Zip lining with Go Ape in Derwood, MD.
I through the idea out there and they were super excited to go. So we hopped in the car and off we went. We arrived at Go Ape and the friendly staff greeted us with a smile. We had to fill out the infamous waivers and go through a very detailed safety briefing. They show you how to clip in and teach you all kinds of rhymes to remember what to do while up on the course. "Red to red or you will be dead." (referring to the lead carabiner to the safety line), "Closed and opposed." (referring to the placement of the carabiners on the zip line). Zip lining in the tree tops 40 feet above the ground is a great esteem builder. The course was a challenging mix of balance beams, leap pads 40 feet in the air, rope bridges, zip line and a tarzan swing. As you go along the courses, five total, each course gets a little more difficult and the zip line gets higher and longer. To go through the entire course it takes approximately 2 1/2 - 3 hours.

I have noticed that as I get older I have become more adventurous. This adventure was one of my favorite, right up there with kayaking on the Colorado River with Desert Adventures.

Monday, March 16, 2009


I think the writer of this blog and I are on the same wave length. I hate boxed meals, however if cooking takes more then 35 - 40 minutes to cook during the week it is not for me. Now that I have talked it up here it is:
She has done a great job of organizing recipes depending on what you are looking for. I tried the recipe for Turkey meatloaf muffins. Wow, they were really good.

Friday, March 6, 2009

It's like I have ESPN or something

So some of you may think I'm crazy and those of you who know me may already know this. I think I have a sense that can predict when I am going to see someone. It never fails within 48 hours of having a passing momnet thinking about someone they contact me. No kidding. Some recent examples:

About one month ago Husband and I have been talking about going back to church. I mentioned a church that friend of our introduced me to. It has been about 5 months since we talked with them because they moved and I started my master's program. I said "We should try the church they introduced me to." Husband says yeah that might be nice." Which lead me to wonder how our friends were doing? Hopefully her new job was treating her well and how is he coming along with the citizenship process? ...Well wouldn't you know 2 days later I received a text from her saying she was thing about us and we should get together soon.

I was thinking to myself "wow" that is pretty cool, this hasn't happened in a while. I must have really been thinking about them. Another instance happened just recently.

The husband and I are planning our vacation and we went to the bookstore to research and get ideas for some cool places to see. On our adventure we spotted a book about Peru.... Peru is where our two awesome used to be neighbors are from. They moved to Northern VA about a year or so ago and for a long time we did really well keeping in touch and seeing each other. Then they went back to Peru for about a month and we lost touch with the occasional letter or text.... OK, back to the bookstore we were talking about how we missed hanging out with them and that we should call them. All this occurred on Wednesday. On Friday morning I got a text message from my Peruvian friend saying she was going to be in town on Saturday and wanted to see if we were available.

CRAZY. I think it is interesting to see how when I think of someone (I mean really put them in my thoughts) whether I want to see or hear from, or someone I don't want to see. Here is to many happy thoughts and to go on your instinct. When you think of someone you should contact them you never know who you may get back in touch with and what magical friendship may be reunited.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Not as young and I used to be...

I played two hockey games yesterday. I was surprised that I had the stamina to play both games with intensity. In my second game I had three pretty good shots on goal, the awesome goalie in net was stopping everything. Even our best player couldn't squeeze one past him. I have come to the realization I enjoy playing on the mens/coed teams better then women only teams. The games seem to have a better flow and the puck gets to me when I am in the right spot.

However, I am realizing I do not recuperate as quickly as I used to. My body was a little pissed off at me today. My muscles feel like they ran a marathon. Oh well what are you going to do. Suck it up, and get over it! I'm getting older :(

Dull and boring

Wow! I never realized how boring studying budgets can be. Especially when you sit in an 8 hour class and 6 hours of the class is discussing the who, what, where, when and how. This is the first time in all my masters classes, that I almost fell asleep during class. I hope the next few classes are going to get better because I am not sure if I can take any more budget stuff.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


AMAZING. I could only wish to have that kind of talent or "luck". It was an amazing goal. I would have loved to been there to witness the madness that occurred just after the goal was scored. It was deafening in my basement. I could only imagine the sound level in the Verizon Center. Some people were amazed/shocked when they found out how much he was getting paid. Well all I have to say is he is worth every penny!
I just hope this year is "The Year". My main concern with the playoffs is goal-tending. If Theodore can keep his head in the game and Johnson recovers quickly fro surgery we should be OK.


If you missed the goal here is the link to the video.
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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Awesome day

Hubby and I decided last minute to go to Hershey to go to a Hershey Bears games yesterday. Our last minute plans turned out to be an awesome day! Here is how it turned out:
We went up early to meet my cousin for lunch and hang out with her. We left there and headed over to Zoo America they were offering free admission and hot chocolate. We didn't get over to the chocolate tasting like we wanted to but found great enjoyment heading over to Chocolate world. The Hershey Chocolate ride brings me back to being a child. The bonus is free chocolate at the end! Our day ended with hockey. We watched the Hershey Bears take on the Norfolk Admirals.
The Bears came out and scored 3 goals in less 10 minutes or less. Then the second period came and they laid down and let the Admirals skate all over them 4 unanswered goals. And in the words of the 5 year old sitting behind us, "The Bears need to start playing or they are going to lose." This was his first hockey game and by the end of the game he sounded like a real hockey fan yelling, "Pass the puck!", "Shoot it!", "What are you guys doing?" Hockey through the eyes of a 5 year old, very fun.
So we had a day of all things we love hockey, chocolate and spending time with each (i know gag, gag) but it was a great day!